We are hiring CADET Pilots

Salary: Negotiation

Location: Bamboo Airways Tower, 265 Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội

Department: Flight Crew Division

Deadline: 06/07 — 31/03/2021

Job Description


A. General requirements

1. 18 – 40 years of age

2. Minimum height of 160 cm (female), 165cm (male)

3. Completed high school education or higher

4. Curriculum vitae

5. Passport copy (with at least 01-year validity)

6. Criminal record (with at least 6 months validity)

B. Documents and Licensing requirements

1. IR Certificate

2. MCC Certificate

3. JET FAM Certificate

4. Type Rating A32F certificate

5. English proficiency certificate of ICAO level 4 or higher

6. Class 1 Medical Certificate recognized by the CAAV

7. Frozen ATPL certificate recognized by the CAAV

8. Valid Commercial Pilot License

9. Minimum total flight training time of 200 hours (Original and Copy of Logbook) 

*Note: Candidates must be trained and graduated at FTOs/ATOs according to the list approved by CAAV and recognized by BAV.


For application submission, please visit our official website at https://recruitment.bambooairways.com/cadet

For further information and other supports, please kindly contact via email pilot.recruitment@bambooairways.com


Dear potential candidates,

As you may know, Bamboo Airways has been thriving over the past 2 years and strongly bouncing back despite the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic. Bamboo Airways has shown such significant growth and being a very few airlines in the world still hiring and expanding the fleets at the moment. 

For such reasons, Bamboo Airways has been a target for unauthorized agencies to cheat candidates for illegal recruitment fees. We hereby would like to officially announce that Bamboo Airways processes the Cadet & Initial Cadet hiring by our internal recruitment team and our exclusive partner PAS only.

Potential candidates are advised to apply through our official Bamboo Airway channels:
- Bamboo Airways:
   + Website: https://bambooairways.talent.vn
   + Pilot Recruitment Hotline: +84984108599
- PAS: https://pas.com.vn

Please also note that all candidates don’t have to pay any recruitment fee for any reason. 

Thank you and we welcome all qualified candidates to join Bamboo Airways to make a difference. 

Best regards,
Bamboo Airways Talent Acquisition Team

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